Change the Way You Work


Hire top talent, or find long-term work assignments, from anywhere in the world – without the hassle of relocation.  


What We Do

We connect companies with top performers, while providing a seamless end-to-end solution for remote team recruitment & management. 



How We Do It

Our system of professional networks is the key to our success.

Our Global Partner Network currently consists of 3,000 working professionals, across multiple disciplines, in 131 different countries – and is rapidly expanding. 

In order to be accepted into our network, every Crossover Partner must qualify as a top performer within their pecific area of expertise. This status is determined through a series of industry-specific assessments which are built-in to our application process.

Once a candidate is accepted into our Global Partner Network, we provide them with access to resources and opportunities within our Global Client Network which allow them to advance their skills, and continue to grow.

Connect with the Local Community:


Our Global Client Network consists of 4000+ companies from all over the world.


We provide these companies with access to our Global Partner Network and WorkSmart, our Virtual Workplace Communication Platform.

WorkSmart contains all of the tools necessary to hire and manage talent 100% remotely.



Why We do It

We believe the future of work is about  providing people with access to high-paying, long-term jobs while connecting them within a global, professional network. 


By making this our mission,  we believe we can enable high‐skill job growth and raise the standard of living across the globe.

We also believe that the best talent in the world is looking for long-term careers, not short-term or part-time contracts. 

For this reason, opportunities within our Global Client Network are limited to 40+ hour/week, long-term positions. 

Our Partners can expect to earn a competitive wage for every assignment, regardless of where in the world they reside.